PaperCut 13.3 Released With New Centralised Report Features

Elmdale Maintenance  is pleased to announce that PaperCut version 13.3 is now available for download and includes various enhancements to reports and print release.

Large organisations with multi sites often deploy PaperCut in a decentralised way using primary servers for each different site. This approach is good for the management of PaperCut but makes gaining a complete organisation overview difficult. PaperCut 13.3 introduces Central Reports to solve this by offering a unified view of data taken from multiple application servers.

Delegated print release has also been improved with the introduction of Group-level delegated print release. This enhancement now means that  users can be authorised to release print jobs for everyone in a particular group.


PaperCut 13.3 also introduces Release Station support for card self association. Previously, managing identity cards was a time consuming issue as the card data had to be pre-loaded into directories and other systems. Now users can associate a new card with their account simply by entering their user name and password at the cards first use.

We would advise reading the new release history for version 13.3 for all the bug fixes and enhancements it offers. If you want the latest version then please contact us for the link, you may want to read our article about upgrading first.

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