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How to Create A LetterHead Overlay In An Olivetti Colour MFD Print Driver

How to Create & Use a LetterHead Overlay In An Olivetti Colour MFD Print Driver

You first need to create the Letterhead to use as the host image in a program such as Word or a design package such as In-Design.

create letterhead

Next with that file open you need to bring up the print dialogue for the Olivetti MFD, you can do this by selecting print and then selecting properties. Be careful not to press Quick Print as this will not work.

printer properties

Once the printer properties has been opened go to the stamp/composition tab and select create host image, then OK.

create host image

Then print the document as you would normally, this will then ask you where you want to save the file. You can save this locally or in a network location, I would recommend saving it in a network location if you want this available for several users on different computers.

save in

If you are saving this locally on the machine you have created the host image on then the driver automatically remembers where the image is. You can test this by opening a letter and then going in to the printer properties and under the stamp/composition tab selecting print host image, the KFO file should show up like below.

print host image local file



Defaulting The Print Driver To Use a Host Image From a Network Location

First locate the print driver under devices & printers on your computer, then right click and select printer properties.

Go to stamp/composition like before and select print host image, click on edit

print host image

Next click Browse files….

browse files

Then enter the UNC path (e.g. \\yourservername\folder\letterhead.KFO) to the file or use the browse function to locate the file and click open.

browse to network image

This should look something like below, you can also set if you want the letterhead to print on the 1st page or all pages. Most users just need it on the first page, especially if they are printing 2 Sided and want the second page on the reverse.

save letterhead location

This will now use the letterhead image from the network location, I would recommend using this option if you need this on a number of computers. Especially if you need to update the file as it will automatically update on all the computers.

You may also want to have a designated print driver that is defaulted to print the letter head.

If you need any more info or help with setting this up then contact Elmdale Maintenance Ltd on 0118 982 1444


Olivetti Colour MF222Plus App Guide On Banner Prints

How to print on to banner paper on an Olivetti Colour MFD , this also applies to konica minolta colour bizhubs and develop ineo+ colour MFDs.

For more info go to

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How To Add A 64bit Additional Driver To Windows Server 2003

I have noticed that sometimes when you try to add a 64bit additional driver on a windows 2003 server you get an error. It asks for a 64bit ntprint.inf file which most of the time isn’t available. You will get an error that looks something like this:

sbs2003 64bit driver error

The best work around I have come up with is to first load the driver locally on a 64bit machine

add printer

Once you have loaded the driver locally then run the add printer wizard again and select  “the printer that I want isn’t listed”.

printer not listed

Next browse the network for the printer installed on the server and add it to your 64bit client machine, it will load as the 64bit files have been loaded already.

The next part you will need to have Administrator privileges, which can be set from the driver on the server or you can input the password if you are asked for it.

Next go to the properties of the driver loaded from the server and then to sharing. Then click on load additional drivers.

additional drivers

Next check the box for 64bit driver and click on ok.

check 64bit

this will then load the 64bit driver files to the driver on the server. You can check this by logging on to the server and checking the additional drivers.

log back in to the sbs2003 and check 64bit driver added

That’s it your done, hope you found this helpful.

For more info or help the contact Elmdale Maintenance on 0118 982 1444